Pastor's Facebook post suggests anti-Trump protesters should jump off building

NEW YORK -- The pastor of a largely immigrant Catholic church in New York shared a message on social media that appeared to suggest anti-Trump parishioners should jump off a building.

Father Philip Pizzo is the reverend at St. Benedict Joseph Labre Roman Catholic Church in Queens. He posted a message to his Facebook page that says, "#JumpAgainstTrump" showing a picture of a man falling to his death.

"And now it kept saying that he supported suicide. He's a Catholic priest," church book keeper Ted said.

On the heels of high tensions around President Donald Trump's executive orders, the father's post made its way to the pages of the New York Post and other media outlets around the world.

"This monster they are trying to create isn't him," Ted said.

Pizzo remained in seclusion at the church. He did issue an apology on his Facebook page Tuesday saying, "I am pro-life and any reference to suicide is contrary to my beliefs, therefore, making my post is completely inappropriate."