Officers give fire victims' kids Easter baskets

BAYOU VISTA, TX (KTRK) -- At least 26 people from seven families were enjoying an Easter dinner Saturday night at a house in Bayou Vista, when it caught fire.

The flames spread quickly. Nothing was left, not even the kids' Easter baskets.

"All the kids were devastated about that. All the eggs were gone and everything," said family member Caroline Humphrey.

But then on Sunday morning, there was a surprise for the kids. Bayou Vista police had dropped off pastel baskets, brimming with toys and chocolate goodies, hoping the kids would find one good memory hidden among the events of this year's Easter.

Officers say they wanted to comfort the kids who had to run out of their house during the fire.

"It just a house. It's just stuff. It doesn't matter," said homeowner Meg Humphrey. "The important things are no one was hurt and everyone is alive."

The Humphreys say the fire spread so quickly that it consumed the house within minutes. Luckily, they were all gathered in one room for dinner when they learned about and were able to escape quickly. They say if everyone had been scattered throughout the house, it's likely someone would have been hurt.

Bayou Vista Police Chief Larry Whittingdon wrote to us, saying "We did have a terrible fire last night. The house was a total loss. Members of my team acted promptly this morning and tried to ease the minds of the children involved in that fire. We are a community-based police department and I am very proud of my employees that have stepped up and handled a bad situation with some positive actions. Thanks for covering this story and shedding light on the positive side of police work."

The family believes an electrical golf cart sparked the fire Saturday night.
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