Off-duty deputy shoots robbery suspect in north Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The sign inside a Radio Shack says "Everything Must Go", in preparation for its closing in a few days. Apparently, a shoplifter took the message literally.

Before 1pm at the Radio Shack in the 5000 block of the North Freeway, the man ran into the store and scooped up merchandise, "mainly headphones," according to police. No threat was made, and no weapon was displayed. Before employees could react, the thief ran out the door, clutching the purloined goods.

And then he encountered a customer preparing to walk in. It was a Harris County deputy, looking for some bargains after his extra job shift ended.

"He thought a robbery had just happened, when he saw the man running out the door. He ordered the man to stop."

The command was not followed. Police say the suspect jumped into a waiting car. The deputy stood his ground in front of the vehicle.

"Then he saw that the engine was running and a driver was behind the wheel. The car started coming at him, and that's when he fired his gun," said HPD public information officer Kese Smith.

The deputy fired two shots; at least one struck the theft suspect. The driver wasn't injured and was arrested. The wounded man was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

The car remained in the parking lot outside the Radio Shack. A few packages of headphones were scattered on the asphalt.

An investigation is underway.
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