Off-duty police officer fires shots at man breaking into his home

MANVEL, TX (KTRK) -- Police are on the hunt for a suspect who attempted to break into the home of a Houston police officer.

The suspect tried to enter the home located at Palm Desert and Desert Willow through the front porch. According to Manvel police, the off-duty police officer was installing a video surveillance system at his home when he noticed a shadowy figure on one of his cameras.

The homeowner grabbed his gun and went to check it out. That's when he saw the suspect. Authorities say the suspect made a threatening move at the homeowner, who then fired 11 rounds at the suspect.

"When we just heard, we thought it was just it was some kind of fire rockets. We didn't think anything about it," said a nearby resident.

Neighbors say they knew it was more than fireworks when police started showing up. For seven hours, authorities searched for the suspect but didn't find anything. At one point, they thought they had found a trail of blood but police confirm it turned out to be something else.

After going back and reviewing the surveillance video, the homeowner discovered the suspect took his bike but that bike was later recovered laying on the street.

At this point, authorities don't think the suspect was hit. They are still looking for him.

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