Off-duty Philadelphia cop getting takeout stops robbery; 1 suspect dead

LAWNDALE, PA -- Authorities say an off-duty detective fatally shot a suspect while picking up takeout food at a Lawndale pizza shop.

Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police Department said the detective had just ordered food at Rising Sun Pizza when the two suspects walked in. They allegedly took $20 from the detective's hand and put a gun to his head while forcing him to the ground.

The suspects then turned around to the counter where the owner and employee were standing. The officer then identified himself and pulled out his gun.

Police say one of the suspects then fired two shots at point blank range at the officer. The officer wasn't hit.

The detective returned fire, striking one suspect. Both suspects then ran out into the street where the injured suspect then collapsed and died.

Philadelphia police Chief Inspector Scott Small said, "The detective is extremely lucky that he was not shot, extremely lucky that he was not killed."

The second suspect remains at large.

The incident is under investigation.
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