Newlyweds battling cancer fall victim to burglars

PENNSAUKEN, NJ -- Two people desperately trying to stare down cancer have fallen victim to cold-blooded thieves.

Life has been anything but easy for these young newlyweds.

Ashley Wood is a 5-year cancer survivor. Kevin Sohancheck is currently fighting stage 4 stomach and esophageal cancer.

"It's hard to say. It's one day at a time, but he was placed on hospice nine days before the wedding," said Wood.

The couple tied the knot nearly two weeks ago in a wedding paid for by Adelphia Restaurant and Lounge as part of a contest they'd won. But although that occasion was bittersweet, this latest incident is beyond words. The two were about to run an errand when Sohancheck went to grab something in the garage.

"He noticed his quad and his street bike were stolen," said Wood.

The 27-year-old's ATV and bike, along with some tools, were missing. A $7,000 loss and a crushing blow for a couple in the middle of the battle of their lives.

"I wouldn't wish bad on people, but I don't understand why people do this stuff," said Wood.

"You're trying to get better and stuff, and they're going to steal from somebody who is sick. A guy on hospice and stuff," said Kevin Soschanchak.

Wood says this isn't the first time someone has stolen from them. Back in 2015 someone stole thousands of dollars worth of stuff while the couple was out on one of their many doctors appointments.

"They took money, they took jewelry," said Wood.

Now dealing with liver failure and unbearable physical pain as of result of this vicious cancer, for Sohancheck, there's very little that lifts his spirits like his beloved bike and ATV.

"If you have any kind of heart just bring it back," said Sohancheck.

The couple says the bike has some strobe lights underneath. They're hoping someone will recognize it and call police, but ultimately they say they just want their stuff, no questions asked.
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