Neighbors reporting rules violations on each other

MISSOURI CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Holly Frazier got a notice in the mail from the city of Missouri City. The notice included a $275 fine for not putting her trash can away and out of view from the street.

She says she didn't know her trash can was causing such a stink and never received any paperwork.

"You say you didn't get a warning at all?" abc13's Natasha Barrett asked.

"No, no letter, no call, no email," Frazier replied.

It wasn't just the city watching over Frazier's house. The website,, allows people to rat out their neighbors. People can write in about an issue and city officials use the website as a source to discover problem properties.

"I think it's more comfortable for those people who are not friendly neighbors to just go to this site and report people," Frazier added.

Apparently she isn't the only one who didn't know about the garbage guidelines. She lives in the Colony Lakes neighborhood, off Highway 6. A couple of miles away in Quail Valley, we found trash can after trash can parked outside in front of garages.

One of Frazier's neighbors says she did get a warning on her front door from the city.

Frazier does have a homeowners association. However, since the trash violation is a code violation, code enforcement is required to investigate all reports, according to officials.

Still, Frazier is planning on fighting the hefty fine in court next month.

"Uh, to have to take off work and just coming home from work and to have to get this letter, just really kills me," she added.
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