Neighbors raise noise complaints about event center

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- Homeowners in one Fort Bend neighborhood are upset over loud music which they claim often comes from an event center nearby.

The residents live in the Waterford subdivision off Highway 6 and Atterbury Drive. Several people there have told Eyewitness News they often can hear and feel music being played at the Hollywood Event Center which is located in a strip center adjacent to their neighborhood.

Myra Lowrie says she's had sleep interrupted as late as 4 and 5am. "The bass sound is BOOM... BOOM... BOOM. It's like I say, it's all about the bass. It's ALL, all about the bass."

Despite her complaints, and even calls to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, Lowrie says the business owner has persisted in allowing the music.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office said officers have been called to the event center five times in the past year because of noise complaints. Each time, though, that spokesperson says, a deputy either asked for the music to be turned down and the partygoers complied or the deputy couldn't find any music that would have been loud enough to complain about.

Lowrie claims partygoers will often turn the music right back up after deputies leave.

Hollywood Event Center is owned by Orville Hudson. He says Lowrie is the only person complaining.

"We're always here, for every single event so we can monitor what's going on," Hudson said.

Hudson insists he wants to be a good neighbor. He says he routinely walks the property during events to make sure the music is not too loud. He also tells us he's had someone come out to measure decibel levels of the noise. So far he claims there has been no violation of the county's 85 decibel limit which county officials say would apply here.
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