Neighborhood fed up with power problems

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- A neighborhood fed up with power problems and now they're finding strength in numbers as they try to find out what's frying their appliances.

Louis Evans and his family have lived on Stallion Brook Lane for two years.

"It's coming to the point the frustration is a boiling point," Evans said.

He says he is speaking up for them and his neighbors, hoping to shed some light on a problem he says is only getting worse adding, "The fridge is acting up, AC gone out twice now."

Evans says power outages and "flickering" or surges plague the neighborhood night and day.

A recent extended outage was the final straw he said, "Just went shopping the night before and lost $200 worth of groceries."

Family food went in the trash after everything from meat to pickles had been in a fridge that wasn't cold anymore. Evans says he talked with many neighbors on the Nextdoor App who said they'd had similar problems.

He sent a letter to CenterPoint Energy from the group he calls "The Bridgestone 80." Now he's collecting signatures and has a neighbors log with two years of complaints from residents reporting everything from power blinking three times in the morning to "C'mon power, play nice."

Olivia Ross, spokesperson for CenterPoint Energy says they have only logged two significant duration outages in the area in fourteen months.

"We are looking into the problem. CenterPoint Energy is committed to finding the issue and resolving it," said Ross.

While we were in the neighborhood the company website showed outages again in the area.

Evans said, "I hope CenterPoint steps up and admits there's an issue."

The homeowner hopes his actions will flip the switch for the neighborhood.

"It's electricity. It's necessary. It's not 1900. If they want me to revert to that let me know. I'll oblige," said Evans.

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