Illinois neighbor paints house multiple colors over dog poop dispute

GLEN ELLYN, IL (KTRK) -- A dispute between neighbors living in an Illinois neighborhood went public in a very colorful way.

Bright orange, yellow and purple stripes now grace the side of one home in Glen Ellyn. Neighbors tell WMMB-TV the paint job went up a couple of weeks ago in response to the homeowners' failure to pick up waste from their dogs.

"It just feels like a finger in the air," said Marybeth, who lives on the next block. "We can't imagine it would be anything but."

"They painted the side of their house intentionally to make someone mad," Jill McMillan told the Suburban Life Publications. "It's a feud and they definitely wanted attention. And they got attention. It's uncalled for and it makes me concerned as a neighbor."

The display popped up after police had been tipped off by neighbors that the homeowners had too many dogs. After an inspection, they found Julie Dombroski, 55, violated the village's limit of three dogs. Neighbors claim there are four loud dogs living in the home.

In addition, the DuPage County Health Department has given the owners until August 31 to clean up the dog feces on their property.

"You can't regulate neighborliness. It's just something that comes from within in I think," Marybeth told WBBM-TV.

As for the colors on the side of the home, there are no laws in the area regulating paint colors for single family homes.
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