Naked teen killed by police in Austin

AUSTIN, TX -- An Austin police officer shot and killed a naked teenager who was wandering around a neighborhood and allegedly acting "erratically."

Residents in the 300 block of East Yager Lane said they learned about the naked teen on their subdivision's Facebook page.

"I saw on the Facebook page, our residence Facebook page there was a lot of suspicious activity like a young man running naked through the neighborhood," said resident, Rebecca Luna.

Police say people at a nearby apartment complex also reported seeing a suspicious man.

Myneeka Holloway told KXAN, when she saw the man, "he had all his clothes on, so I went and took a shower."

However, the Austin Police Department said when officers arrived on scene, the man was naked in the middle of the street and acting strangely.

"Giving him commands the subject did not comply with the commands that this officer was giving and instead charged at the officer," Assistant Police Chief Brian Manley said at a Monday afternoon media briefing.

Police said the officer responded by opening fire. Neighbors heard the gunshots.

"I heard two loud noises and I asked my wife and I'm like what is that and she's like, I didn't hear anything, okay, right after that that's when we heard the slew of sirens that were coming by," said Ernest Holloway.

The initial encounter was captured on a police dash cam, Manley said, but it failed to capture the moment the suspect allegedly charged at the officer and the shooting that followed.

The suspect died at a local hospital.

The officer is on administrative leave per department protocol.