Suspect out on bond for 2010 murder arrested again following standoff

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Until Monday night, Percy Hines III was out on bond for a 2010 murder charge. But around 8:30, he walked to a condo that belongs to a Houston police officer allegedly to discuss a crime he'd already reported. That officer said no to that conversation.

"The defendant immediately became enraged and began screaming obscenities at the officer. The defendant then walked around the corner, returned and screamed 'I'm gonna take care of youe a**,'" prosecutor Justin Keiter said in a Tuesday morning probable cause hearing.

The officer called the District Attorney's Office, and police responded to Hines' unit. He barricaded himself inside, and after several hours, SWAT burst in and arrested him around 2am. One neighbor tells us they used a football to try to get the former UH and University of Oklahoma football player to come out.

"Even though the police kept insisting they were not here to hurt Mr. Hines or harm him in anyway, I wasn't sure what he would do because I wasn't sure if he was armed or not, or if anyone else was in his unit," said one neighbor who asked not to be identified.

We're told the whole neighborhood knows he was charged with murder and has been out on bond. And neighbors say they've all had run-ins with Hines. One woman claims he's threatened to kill her. They all say he's bizarre.

Nkechi Morah lives across from him. She pointed out the fact that his is the only door with burglar bars.

"He did tell me during one of those interactions that those bars aren't to keep burglars out. It's to keep him safe from the police," she says. "He seems to feel like he's wrongly persecuted by a lot of parties."

Hines is charged with retaliation and is being held at Harris County Jail without bond.

Court documents show he hasn't gone to trial for the 2010 murder because of his mental condition. He admits he's bi-polar.
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