Murder suspect escapes from custody in West Virginia

WESTON, WV (KTRK) -- A manhunt is underway for an escapee who, police say, scaled the wall of a hospital while undergoing a mental evaluation.

Rocco Zuccaro, 30, of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania is a white male, about 6 feet tall and weighs about 170 pounds. He's accused of fatally shooting a man at his home in McKinleyville, West Virginia in February 2013.

According to WTRF-TV, Zuccaro was last seen wearing black pants with a rip on the left pant leg. He also had a dark blue and black pullover shirt.

Police say Zuccaro is very self-sufficient and can handle his own survival.

"He's very capable of planning. If he's out on the run, he's very capable of making his way through the woods and stealing clothing or whatever he needs to do to stay out in the woods for a while, and he's very capable of eluding the police," says Brooke County, West Virginia sheriff Chuck Jackson.

Zuccaro is a native of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Authorities say if he's found, he should not be approached. null
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