Accused murder-for-hire suspect claims he kept in contact with ex-girlfriend because of children

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Accused murder-for-hire suspect Leon Jacob told Eyewitness News the reason he continued to contact his ex-girlfriend after the relationship ended had to do with his children.

Jacob said he was upset when his ex-girlfriend, Meghan, one of the proposed victims in the alleged murder-for-hire plot, broke up with him. He moved in with his new girlfriend, Valerie McDaniel, into her River Oaks condo, the same condo from which she later jumped to her death.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kaitlin McCulley asked Jacob why he was still communicating with Meghan once he moved in with Valerie.

"I wasn't really communicating with her with respect to the relationship you're thinking about," Jacob said. "Our relationship ended so abruptly and my children were asking about her and I felt it was necessary for their well-being."

However, according to court documents, Jacob sent Meghan an email on February 2, saying, "I am in love with you and all of this really makes no sense. I am making over $7,500 dollars a week now after taxes, I told you I would get back on top. It's time all this craziness stops and we get back to a life together."

Jacob told Eyewitness News he kept contacting Meghan because she would not say goodbye to his children.

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"I sent her a couple of emails asking that she do them that kindness," Jacob said. "And she never did. And I didn't ask her again after that."

However, according to court documents, Jacob was "hiding and waiting outside of the complainant's workplace" and "following the complainant in his vehicle."

Jacob said he did not assault Meghan.

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"There were charges filed against me but they have since been dropped because I never assaulted her in any way," Jacob said.

A misdemeanor assault charge was dropped in the interest of judicial efficiency, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, but a felony stalking charge remains in addition to the solicitation of murder felony charge.

"I have a trial to go through. I'm innocent," Jacob said. "If I know what's true in my heart and what's true about what happened earlier in the year, I should be exonerated and I'll go about my life."

Jacob remains behind bars without bond pending trial.

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