Mourners remember Deputy Darren Goforth

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Folks gathered Friday at the gas station where Deputy Darren Goforth was murdered a week before. They were there to remember.

As the memorial grows, its clear this community -- citizens and law enforcement who were once strangers -- now grieve together.

Photos from memorial and funeral

Seven-year-old Emily Gore used her crayons and a wisdom beyond her years to explain her emotions.

"Because there's a lot of officers that are killed and it makes me sad," she said. "See lives within walking distance of the gas station where Deputy Darren Goforth was murdered. Her parents kept her home from school Friday to be with them as they sat in solidarity with law enforcement outside the deputy's funeral."

"All of these officers have the hardest job," said Emily's mother, Crystal. "And they're seriously the most important people in our community."

The Gores are among thousands who came Friday to show their support.

Law enforcement from around the state and nation showed up in full force. Officers told us candidly some of their fears.

"It could have bene anybody," said one officer with whom we spoke. "It could have been anybody."

Sherry Colbert stood across the street with this U.S. flag before the funeral began, as officers entered, promising to stay until the last one left."

"There's nobody else out here with a flag and I'm not leaving," said Sherry Colbert, who support law enforcement. "Blue ribbons, too, showing an appreciation for law enforcement which so often is not vocalized. It's that kind of support which law enforcement says will help them grieve, will help them soldier on."

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