Mother on life support after being stabbed repeatedly

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A mother of four children is on life support after police believe her ex-husband stabbed her 12 times.

In a cell phone video posted on Facebook in early May, 11-year-old Manuel Gutierrez tells his mother, Belkis, "You are the best mom ever. No one can be a better mom than you."

On May 17, police believe Belkis was attacked by her ex-husband, Pablo Gutierrez. Belkis is now on life support at Ben Taub Hospital. Gutierrez is in jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Inayah Lamis calls herself Belkis' God-sister. She has been at the hospital every day since the attack.

"The hardest thing to watch was them (Belkis' kids) holding her hand and telling her goodbye," Lamis said. "Kids shouldn't have to lose their mom to domestic abuse."

Lamis said Belkis had been trying to get away from Pablo for years.

"She tried to get away so many times," Lamis said. "And that's really why I feel so guilty. Because I feel like there were times when I could have saved her."

According to court documents, police believe Gutierrez stabbed Belkis a total of 12 times. She had three stab wounds to the right side of her body, which punctured her liver. Other stab wounds punctured her heart.

Gutierrez was out on bond at the time of the attack. In October 2015, he was charged with choking Belkis. In 2006, he was convicted of assaulting her.

"She wasn't protected," Lamis said. "These were warning signs. She asked for help numerous amounts of times. Why wasn't this taken seriously?"

A judge issued a protective order in October, but it expired after about 60 days. It doesn't appear Belkis requested a new one, according to court records.

"He (Pablo Gutierrez) knew that she was giving and loving," Lamis said. "And he took advantage of that."

Belkis worked two jobs to support her four children.

Friends expect doctors will discontinue life support Friday night. They set up a GoFundMe account to help Belkis' children.

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