Pregnant mother has heartfelt 'thank you' to good Samaritans who saved her life

SPLENDORA, Texas (KTRK) -- A pregnant mother wants to say "thank you" to the good Samaritans who helped pull her to safety following a medical episode that led her to roll her SUV in Splendora.

The wreck occurred Sunday night on the southbound feeder road of Highway 59.

"(I) got dizzy. Got dizzy..Started seeing spots," said Lannie Buuck, describing some kind of medical episode that led to the crash. "There was a white car behind me and I really didn't want to hit them. I was scared that I was gonna kill somebody else."

Her SUV spun, then rolled over.

"When the car finally stopped I was upside down and I didn't know how to get out," she said.

Disoriented, she couldn't figure out how to undo her seat belt. She said several people suddenly appeared at her window and one person crawled in to help.

She said that person only spoke Spanish and she was frozen by fear.

"I literally told them that I don't know how to get out. I don't know how to get out," Buuck said.

Despite the language barrier, she was able to break free. Several good Samaritans pulled her to safety.

Buuck said she's eternally grateful. Not only does she have a little girl at home, she's also seven weeks pregnant.

"Whoever crawled in that car, saved my life because I didn't know how to get out. I just want to tell them "thank you." You don't know how much I appreciated that," she said.

If you know anything about the people who helped Buuck, she would like to thank them personally. She's hoping someone might help her connect with those who saved her.

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