Mother blames inmate son's death on Polk County jail

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRK) -- The Texas Rangers are investigating the death of an inmate in the custody of the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Antwuan Bogany 32, died Friday at a Kingwood hospital. He was an inmate at the Polk County Jail.

Bogany's relatives say they started getting calls from fellow inmates Thursday evening alerting them that something was wrong.

"He had been complaining about headaches, ,visions being blurred, dizziness. He had been complaining for hours," explained Tashara Garner, Bogany's sister.

When his mother called the jail to find out what was happening, she did not get the answer she was hoping for.

"I asked was they going to take him to the hospital? They said no. They were just going to observe him," said the inmate's mother, Judy Bogany.

Bogany, who was in jail for drug possession spent the night collapsed on the floor, according to his family. He was taken to one hospital and then the one in Kingwood the next day where he died.

"The doctor told me his blood pressure got so high, it burst his blood vessel in his head," said Bogany.

Polk County Sheriff Kenneth Hammack told Eyewitness News an internal investigation is underway and Texas Rangers are investigating whether a crime was committed.

"We take seriously the care of the inmates," said Hammack. "We do our best to provide the safest and most secure environment while they are here."

Almost two years ago, Timmie King Hamilton's son, Nathan King, died while also in Polk County custody. She says she had raised concerns about his care, too, after he had contracted tuberculosis.

"Something needs to change because this is going to keep going over and over until something happens," King Hamilton said.

Judy Bogany blames jail staff for her son's death and wants someone to pay.

"I want to know why he didn't get medical care. I want justice."

In its last inspection, the Polk County Jail was in compliance, according to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards website.
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