Military chopper stuck in field after emergency landing near Baytown

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A National Guard helicopter had to make an emergency landing east of Baytown in Cove, Texas Wednesday night. No one was hurt.

Guardsmen tell abc13 the Apache helicopter had a minor mechanical issue. The pilot landed in a muddy field north of I-10 near FM 565.

More than 12 hours later, the helicopter was still stuck. No word on when or if guardsmen will try to fly it again. Right now, they're working on a plan to get it out of the mud.

This is the National Guard based out of Ellington. The men were on a routine practice flight.

Conrad Kessler, a truck driver, was sleeping in his semi's cab at a nearby gas station when this happened. He says the vibrations from the helicopter woke him up.

"When it woke me up, I thought somebody ran into my truck. So I'm looking out the windows but I can't see anything because he went right over the top," Kessler said. "I didn't know what was wrong, you know, but from talking to people, that pilot did an excellent job sitting it down right there."
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