Mighty gust of wind sends little girl flying

LYNDHURST, Ohio (KTRK) -- A strong gust of wind sent a little girl flying off of her porch, and the entire bizarre event was caught on camera.

The girl, 4-year-old Madison Garnder, was unloading groceries with her mother when the gust struck. As Madison went to open the storm door of her Ohio home, the heavy wind lifted her in the air, leaving her clinging to the door for dear life as it flew open.

"I run to her, and I see her pinned against the siding and the glass door. I had to unlatch her from the handle and take her inside," Brittany Gardner, Madison's mother, told WEWS-TV. "She was scared and then kind of embarrassed. We were laughing at her, then we showed her the video and she was laughing at it too."

The gust was the product of a heavy windstorm that swept across the northeastern United States, leaving birds struggling to fly and rerouting airplanes.

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