METRO bus driver prevents possible tragedy

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- As a suspected drunk driver crashed into a bus, the bus driver's quick thinking kept everyone safe.

According to police, the suspected drunk driver was speeding in a black Chevrolet pickup truck down the 6600 block of Telephone Road late Friday night.

A METRO bus was stopped at a bus stop letting two passengers off. One of those passengers was standing in front of the bus removing his bicycle from the bike rack at the time of impact.

Police say the driver of the truck was in the right lane, but tried to drive in front of another driver into the left lane. He did not clear the bus and slammed into the left rear of it with the front of his truck.

The driver of the bus says he saw a collision was imminent and while a passenger was standing in front of the bus the driver applied his brakes heavily to make sure the bus did not move when hit. Police say that saved the man in front and the passenger leaving out of the door from being injured.

After the black truck hit the bus, authorities say the rear of the truck swung out striking an orange pickup in the right lane. That truck sustained right door damage and a left rear blown tire as it struck the curb.

Houston Fire Department engine 26 responded to the scene and had to cut three male occupants out of the black truck. All three suffered severe, but non-life-threatening injuries. There were no other injuries.

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