Manvel cheer team still waiting for new gear

MANVEL, TX (KTRK) -- A Manvel football and cheerleading squad says they paid thousands of dollars to a Deer Park business for team gear and have gotten very little.

The Manvel Jaguars is part of the Gulf Coast Premier Football League. Each team has a cheerleading squad. Cheer Coach Rebecca Pacheco says the team paid almost $35,00 to Rebels in Pinks in Deer Park for things like tents, practice uniforms, folding chairs, cooling towels and T-shirts with the team logo on them and haven't received them. They did receive a few hundred T-shirts in April.

"She took our money, did not give us what we paid for and now we're just left," said Pacheco of Rebels in Pinks owner Jami Quinn.

When Eyewitness News went to the business on West Pasadena Blvd, Quinn showed us the T-shirt she did produce and had a different story.

"I will take care of it. I've been trying to contact them," Quinn explained.

The last contact Pacheco said she had with Quinn was Thursday. Pacheco said Quinn sent a photo showing a house fire, saying it was her house and the fire destroyed all the team's merchandise. Pachecho showed Eyewitness News the text conversation. A reverse Google image search linked the photo to an article about a house fire in Florida six years ago.

"That was the icing on the cake," said Pacheco.

Quinn denied sending the photo.

"No, we were talking about the mailman, who's a good friend. His brother's house caught fire when that storm was on Thursday, right there on Birch," explained Quinn.

Reporter: "And this is supposed to be a picture of that?"

"No, I don't know what that is," Quinn said.

Reporter: "Did you send this picture to her?"

"No, I did not," Quinn said.

Quinn said she's a "one-man shop" and has been working diligently. She said everything should be ready in two to three weeks.

"I would never want to take away from children at all," she said.

The team feels swindled and has filed a police report.

The first game is Saturday morning. The team isn't sure how they'll replace the money for the gear they haven't gotten. They've set a up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for new equipment. null
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