Indiana man's license suspended 68 times

POLAND, IN (KTRK) -- How many driver's license suspensions does it take to land in jail? Apparently 68 is the unlucky number.

One Indiana man is facing jail time after having almost 70 license suspensions all in the last 14 years, reports WRTV. Dustin Wheeler has been skirting around the habitual offender status for a while, but his most recent violation had a Putnam County Judge sentencing him to 20 days in jail.

Prosecutor Tim Bookwalter detailed Wheeler's many offenses over the years.

"He's had driving left of center, he's had not wearing a seat belt, you name it, he gets it. He doesn't pay his fees, he gets a further suspension, he gets pulled over and gets a ticket for driving on a suspension, and it just keeps going," Bookwalter said.

Bookwalter hopes that the punishment of jail time will be a deterrent to those like Wheeler.

Wheeler is complying with his sentence and plans to complete his jail time. To reinstate his driver's license Wheeler will have to pay a fine upwards of $1,000.
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