Mandatory 2-person crews for police department in Montgomery Co.

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A small police department in Montgomery County is making a significant change in policing practices which it hopes will protect officer's lives.

Effective September 1, the Roman Forest Police department is now patrolling with two-officer crews, instead of just one. The move is the result of an emergency order signed by Roman Forest Mayor Chris Parr which states that its necessary "... for the purpose of added safety for our officers."

The department currently has 9 full-time and 7 part-time commissioned officers, plus 8 reserves who can patrol as well. Police Chief Stephen Carlisle says they will use probationary and reserve officers in addition to supervisors and paid over time to make up the second officers in every patrol vehicle.

"These are some trying times, we will get through this," said Carlisle.

The order is in effect through the end of September, but Roman Forest City Council will vote next week on extending the double officer teams beyond that date. Chief Carlisle anticipates it will cost an additional $1000 a month to pay for the overtime which this shift in policing will require, however he says it well worth the added safety for officers.
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