Man valets Porsche at Galleria hotel, workers give car to wrong person

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Porsche owner says valet gave his car to wrong driver, Chauncy Glover reports.

A trip to Houston turned in a nightmare for a couple after their high-performance sports car went missing in a valet blunder.

Carlo DiMarco says he came to the city of Houston in May 2015 for a weekend car race from Austin. When he arrived with his fiance to the Doubletree Hilton by the Galleria, they made sure to valet his 2014 Porsche.

"I pay an extra $50 to keep the car upfront," DiMarco said. He says they went to have dinner nearby and when they returned to the hotel, the car was still parked.

What happened overnight is what turned the trip into a nightmare.

According to DiMarco, when he came to get his car the next morning, the Porsche was no where to be found. More than a year later, the car is still missing.

DiMarco says in the police report, investigators told him that "young black gentleman came and asked for the keys to their car, did not have a ticket and said they left it up in their room."

He says his insurance company will only pay about $69,000 for the $125,000 car.

"When we tried to file a claim with the Doubletree Hilton, they denied the claim stating third-party valet company and it's their responsibility," DiMarco said.

The valet company, Enterprise Parking Services, told DiMarco they have insurance for damaged property but not for his situation.

DiMarco has now filed a lawsuit against the hotel and valet company.

"We want to actually go and make sure that the Hilton pays and through out lawsuit we want to know they they're going to change their policies," he added.
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