5 years later: Man shot by stray bullet has message of hope and recovery

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A near death experience five years ago has inspired a north Houston man to share his message of hope and recovery.

Joel Cox, 56, was nearly shot in the temple March 3, 2012. He was driving on Veterans Memorial on his way to work when investigators believe a stray bullet from a nearby shooting went through his windshield. The bullet hit just above his left eye and exited above his ear.

A slight movement either way and," I wouldn't be here right now," Cox said.

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The experience changed his life.

"My recovery has been nothing less than the hand of God at work," said Cox. "I'm thankful."

Today the scars have faded. Only periodic headaches remain, and for the grandfather, the shooting became an opportunity to have a story he hopes inspires others.

"Whatever health crisis you're going through, there is still hope and still an opportunity for recovery," he added.
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