Man stabbed multiple times in NW Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A man is in is in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times in northwest Harris County on Saturday. And now police want to talk to his wife.

It happened in the 3600 block of Sablechase. The victim was stabbed in his chest and abdomen and found outside the home.

Police say the man's wife was there at the time of the stabbing, but left the home with their two children.

"His wife is a person of interest," said Sgt. Eric Batton with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "She was here, from what we understand, at the time of the stabbing and is no longer here. She left the scene with two small children."

The victim was taken by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was taken into surgery and is now stable.

Police entered the home Saturday night and say there was no blood found inside. They believe the stabbing likely happened in the yard where the victim was found.

Neighbors say the family just moved into the home a few weeks ago and were burglarized Friday. Police don't think the two events are connected.

"I met them yesterday," neighbor Thomas Uribes told us. "They got broken into. I talked to them, tried to give them a little comfort and this all happened today; kind of going crazy."

Investigators are looking for the victim's wife. They say they've made contact with a friend of the wife, who says the kids are OK, but still don't know where she is.

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