Oklahoma man plays game of chicken to help end police chase

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Floyd Briggs says he stood in front of a motorcyclist being chased to police, causing the rider to swerve off the road and crash. (KTRK)

A man who noticed a motorcyclist running from police took matters into his own hands to stop the chase.

Floyd Briggs decided to play what he tells KFOR-TV was an intense game of chicken. He went and stood in the street and braced himself for impact.

"I said 'I gotta stop this guy before he hurts a little kid,'" Briggs told the TV station. "I ain't no football player either."

The motorcycle rider tried to swerve out of Briggs way, causing him to lose control of his bike and crash. When the rider got up and tried to run away, Briggs then chased after him.

"He got up, run around that fence right there, and I just went after him," Briggs told KFOR-TV. "I was running out of steam very quick. I'm not very aerodynamic."

Briggs managed to chase the rider on foot long enough for police to catch up and ultimately make the arrest.

The rider, identified as Michael Coppedge, said he was running from police because he didn't have a license and didn't have insurance. He now faces felony charges for evading police.
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