Man hopes to find owner of lost SD card with family photos

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Imagine if you lost the SD card in your nice camera. All those pictures. Would they be lost forever?

One Lone Star College students is trying to help return the 1,163 pictures he found on a micro-SD card several months ago. He stuffed the card in his backpack and just found it again while getting the bag ready for next semester.

The images on that card show smiling faces from a number of special occasions including a wedding and a birth.

"I figured that I could probably do a little bit more good than just the lost-and-found at a community college could do," said Tristan Smith, who posted some of the pictures to reddit earlier in the hope that someone might recognize whoever the pictures belong to.

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"It's good seeing pictures like that," said Smith.

Others on reddit helped Smith figure out the wedding photos were taken Aug. 25, but there are no clues in those pictures as to where or by whom.

Smith is a big believer in karma. He hopes someone would do the same for him if he lost snapshots of the most important moments in his life.

"If you find something that's not yours and you feel like it's important to someone, it's what you do," he said.

If you recognize the couple in the pictures and can help get them in touch with Smith so he can return the card, contact ABC13 reporter Kevin Quinn at kevin.g.quinn (at)
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