Man hopes dog's death will encourage drivers to slow down in neighborhoods

FORT BEND COUNTY (KTRK) -- Three years ago, Jason Mollet lost his left leg following a motorcycle accident. Despite all efforts, doctors had to amputate it. The recovery left him depressed and despondent. Nothing seemed to help. Until a friend gave him a dog.

"Tank" was an English Bulldog. 90 pounds of English Bulldog.

"(I) had a special place in my heart for that dog," said Mollet.

Mollet says Tank was by no means a trained therapy dog, but that just spending time with him felt like therapy. Mollett says Tank seemed to know when he was down or not feeling well, often placing his paw on top of Mollet's hand as if showing him support.

He says Tank would follow him around the house like a shadow, just wanting to be by his side -- until July 4th, of 2014.

As the fireworks were winding down, Mollet says, they were relaxing on the front porch of his home in the 3500 block of Timothy Lane in Pecan Grove. He, his father and Tank. Apparently Tank became spooked when a neighbor fired one last round of fireworks, causing Tank to run into the street.

He was hit by a vehicle speeding through the neighborhood. Mollet estimates he was going at least 50 miles per hour.

"The person never stopped, they were speeding, and they don't know if they hit a kid. What if you killed a kid?" Mollet said.

They rushed Tank to the Veterinary Emergency Room, where he died.

The driver has never been found.

Mollet got a tattoo on his hand and forearm with the name "Tank," the date of the dog's death and an approximation of his paw print. Mollet says it's a daily reminder of the four-legged friend he never got to truly tell goodbye.
He hopes some good can come from Tank's death. Maybe someone who hears of his passing will consider what happens when you speed through a neighborhood.

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