Man given fake "movie money" in Craigslist deal

HOUSTON -- It's not uncommon to sell stuff online but one Houstonian who sold his phone said he was paid with fake money.

Sean Brown said his wife, who works for 13 Eyewitness News, was trying to sell her phone. So she posted a photo of it online.

"Someone replied and said I accept your offer," Brown said.

His wife talked to the buyer through the online site. His name was listed as "Nick."

Nick agreed to meet Sean to buy the phone at a mall in west Houston at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

"Went in, met the gentlemen. He gave me money and walked out with the phone. The money was fake money. I didn't realize that until well after he walked out," Brown said.

Sean said Nick handed him the money and it was rolled up. As Sean unrolled it, he noticed the back of the money said "Motion Picture Money."

It's fake money that companies make to be used strictly for movies or music videos. However, the Secret Service says crooks try to pass it off as real money.

"If someone is trying to pass that off as genuine, they've committed a crime," said Thom Bolsch, a former Secret Service agent.

Bolsch said there are some things you can look for to make sure the money you're getting is legit.

First of all, he said you should look at the material.

"The paper itself is really not paper. It's not a cotton-linen blend. It is very durable and it actually has little red and blue fibers in it," said Bolsch.

He also said on the $100 bill there's a blue strip running through it.

For more tips on counterfeit money, visit the Department of Treasury for more information.
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