Man found shot to death on Houston's south side

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A man was found dead, shot to death, in a car on Houston's south side this morning.

Details of what exactly happened in the 4800 block of Higgins near Cullen are unclear, but the man's body remained in the black Mustang where he was found until late this morning.

Police are now saying there was an argument in the street between two women. The victim in the Mustang was trying to break things up, and at some point, he fired a shot into the air and then started to drive away. Investigators aren't sure of the circumstances, but he was then shot.

Those two women and a man are now being questioned at the police station.

The back window of the man's vehicle appears to be shot out. It's unknown at this time how many shots were fired.

Investigators are on the scene collecting evidence and using metal detectors to find shell casings. They're also going door-to-door to learn more about the case.

Neighbors say they heard between six and eight shots, but no one seemed to get a good look at anything, nor know the vehicle. Neighbors tell police there was a party with at least 300 people in the street the night before fight happened. null
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