Man charged with capital murder in deaths of Baytown teens

ANAHUAC, TX (KTRK) -- The search is on right now for two people wanted after the deaths of two teens in Baytown. Police found the teens' bodies Thursday night. They'd been missing for weeks.

Detectives want help from the public to find Brandon Flores, who is now charged with capital murder, and a second person of interest, Jose Juan Chavez, known as 'Chop.' On Friday night, investigators searched the home of Chavez's grandmother for clues to where he might be and took some documents they hope could help lead to his wherearbouts.

"We don't know exactly where they're at," said Baytown Assistant Chief Rogery Clifford. "There are a lot of rumors, a lot of tips coming in that they may have fled to this place for that."

Police were reluctant to go into any motives but say but admit Jarvis Morgan and Alex Chavez, the two teenagers who were killed, knew the suspects.

Family members say the night they disappeared, February 19, Alex came to a brown shed on Maryland Street to get a haircut from Flores. Baytown police spoke to Flores that night, but did not arrest him.

"Hindsight is always 20/20," said Clifford. "At that time, we were looking for two missing persons."

Two weeks passed and then Thursday night, the teens' bodies were found under bridge near Anahuac.

For friends or relatives, it's devastating.

Celeste Navarez went to high school with the two teenagers. She can't believe her friends are now gone.

"I didn't believe it," said friend Celeste Nevarez. "I thought maybe they were just, I don't believe it. Just went to a friend's house and maybe forgot the phone or something."


The victims' families have suffered through an emotional few weeks, and there will be more tough days ahead.

It all started back on February 18 when Alex Chavez and Jarvis Morgan were last seen. Investigators found the teen's car near the Fred Hartman Bridge on February 23. Family and friends held a vigil for the teens on March 1. Then, investigators discovered their bodies Thursday night.


Both of the teens' mothers talked to us in front of the home of Alex Chavez. They have a banner on the side of the house.

They were surrounded by neighbors, friends and family as they spoke through tears about the murders of their teenage sons. They also begged for anyone who knows the key suspect -- Brandon Alejandro Flores -- to turn him over to authorities.

The families have received information through tips that Brandon killed Alex and Jarvis as part of a robbery, then dumped their bodies near Anahuac, where he lives. They've also been told Brandon fled to Mexico.

"Brandon and everyone else who was involved, ya'll are coming with him, too," said Alex Chavez's mother, Marianna Castillo. " Nobody's going to rest until all of you all are turned in."
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