Man changing flat tire struck by hit and run driver

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The man was struck by a hit and run driver while trying to fix a flat tire (KTRK)

A victim is recovering after he was struck by a hit and run driver on the North Freeway Friday night. He was hit as drivers tried to avoid debris caused by a previous hit and run. Now, according to his girlfriend, it could be almost a year before he can walk again.

Drivers at the Tidwell entrance ramp to the North Freeway couldn't see scattered debris due to a heavy storm.

That debris was strewn across the road because a truck had slammed into the ramp stoplight earlier. That truck took off, but left sharp, steel fragments behind, which blew out at least six cars. Police had to escort stranded people home.

Most people were OK but while one driver who had pulled over to fix his flat tire, another hit-and-run driver in a green van crashed into him and sent him flying. That car then sped off.

"He has a broken leg, his ribs, both of them are injured, he also has a collapsed lung and he also has wounds that have to be healed," said Strawberry Moore, the victim's girlfriend.

For trying to fix his tire, Frederick Kibble's family says he'll now have to spend more than six months recuperating to get back to normal.

"It's disturbing to me that you would be able to move away from a situation like that and not come forward and not say anything about it," Moore said.
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