Man bit by gator during demonstration talks about incident

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Eyewitness News spoke to the man who was attacked by an alligator during a weekend festival at Old Town Spring (KTRK)

It was a move Will Sherrer has made many times before: he and a partner would demonstrate how to control a large alligator. His partner would be in front of the gator, he would come from behind. But this time, the gator attacked.

"It was kind of surreal," said Sherrer, who is still under observation at the Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Center. "I mean you don't really think it's happening, and I got up, and I saw the puncture marks on my arm, and I knew I needed help."

His arm still heavily bandaged, Sherrer recounted the events of this past weekend, knowing it could have been much worse.

"(The gator) didn't get my any main arteries, veins, or bones, he missed all those. With 80 teeth coming at you at once, I got pretty lucky."

The 28 year old Sherrer has a biology degree and has worked at a variety of wildlife jobs around the country. A few months ago, he began an internship at Gator Country and Rescue out of Beaumont. The facility has more than 400 alligators, large and small. It regularly hosts tours, and makes appearances at shows around the area.

"We teach and we teach people do not mess with alligators in the wild," said Gator Country owner Gary Saurage.

The incident happened over the weekend, when Sherrer and another Gator Country employee were doing an educational demonstration at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival in Old Town Spring. Sherrer says he accidentally bumped the gator's hind leg with his foot, and the gator just reacted.

"I don't have hard feelings toward the animal at all. It was natural instinct. I look at it as my fault. I made a wrong move and touched his foot."

Sherrer only saw the video of the attack when Eyewitness News showed it to him. He'll make a full recovery. But still hasn't done one thing: Tell his parents in Alabama.

"I hope they don't see the video on YouTube or Facebook."
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