Montgomery Co. man charged for allegedly dragging donkey behind truck

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- A Montgomery County man is in jail, charged with animal cruelty after what he did to a donkey.

The man is accused of tying the donkey to his truck then driving down the road, right past the intersection of FM 1485 and State Highway 242.

The donkey shows no signs of what eyewitnesses say was a disturbing sight. The animal was being lead by the driver of a pickup truck who had tied the donkey to the ball hitch.

"That's pretty terrible," witness Hazik Hassan said.

Hassan saw the donkey after the driver was stopped by Montgomery County law enforcement. The donkey had been on a trek of at least six miles.

"That was a long way for a horse, and it was an older horse, mule I mean. You could see its ribs and everything, that's pretty sad man," Hassan said.

Montgomery County authorities say 21-year-old Nasim Irsan is being charged with cruelty to animals. Deputies say the donkey had a single rope around his neck with the other end wrapped around the trailer hitch.

It reminds Kimberly Ray of My Feed Store and More of another case two and half years ago when a donkey named Suzie Q was dragged behind a truck sustaining severe injuries.

"You'd figure that people would learn from someone else's mistakes because that other gentleman ended up spending quite a bit of time in jail," Ray said.

And while this donkey is in far better shape than Suzie Q, Ray says it's no excuse for tying an animal behind a truck.

"They could get scared, get spooked, break a leg, get tangled up in the rope, get out in traffic. It's not a good way to transport an animal. That's just not a good way to do it," Ray said.

The donkey is now with local animal control officers.

Irsan is being held in the Montgomery County Jail without bond.
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