Man accused in police standoff at Tomball Hospital is back in jail as son recovers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The man who allegedly held police at bay during a standoff at a Tomball hospital while his son was dying is once again behind bars.

As George Pickering walked into the Harris County courthouse Friday, he said he knew he could end up back in jail but he would do what he did all over again.

He has been out on bond since his arrest in January after a four-hour standoff at Tomball Regional Hospital. His adult son had what he described as a series of seizures and strokes and was on life support.

He said doctors wanted to pull the plug.

"If I'm guilty of anything, it's because I love him too much," said Pickering.

Investigators said Pickering waved a gun at a nurse and his family, ordering them all out. Though one of his sons wrestled the gun from him, he threatened that he might have another weapon.

Police were called in and Pickering said as they watched, he leaned over his comatose son and prayed. He said his son responded by squeezing his hand repeatedly.

"I believe, and I'll always believe that there was a miracle that took place that night," Pickering said.

Pickering surrendered peacefully. His son is recovering and is now out of the hospital. In fact, the two were baptized at their church Easter Sunday.

But Pickering is in trouble again after a no-contact order was put in place by the judge following the standoff, keeping Pickering from seeing his son.

Pickering doesn't understand that order. Prosecutors wouldn't explain. For now, he remains behind bars awaiting trial on aggravated assault charges stemming from the standoff.
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