Malone Jr. on James Harden added to lawsuit: 'I know he's responsible for this'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Moses Malone Jr. spoke exclusively to ABC13 about why he added Houston Rockets star James Harden to a lawsuit over an assault at V-Live nightclub.

In the lawsuit, Harden is accused of being behind the assault and robbery of Malone Jr. in July 2016.

"I know he's responsible for this. Why would these individuals attack me for taking up for the inner city?" questioned Malone Jr.

The fight allegedly started over a comment Malone Jr., the son of NBA legend Moses Malone, posted on Facebook about a basketball camp run by Harden.

In the post, Malone Jr. wrote, "Don't he make WAY more $ then (sic) Donald Driver???? But, he charging 249$ & the inner city kids have NO CHANCE to go to his camp. Hollywood Harden #Fact."

Why did he wait to add Harden to the lawsuit?

"Regardless of how the Houston Rockets are treating Moses and this case, Moses still has a deep respect for this organization and we weren't about to file a lawsuit against James Harden in the middle of such a great season for the Houston Rockets," said George Farah, Malone Jr.'s civil attorney.

Malone Jr. added he doesn't need the money and is ready to fight.

"I would not risk my dad's legacy or risk my name over an allegation that I don't stand by and know is true," he said.

Four men have been charged with aggravated robbery for the attack.

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