Makeshift memorial at gas station where deputy gunned down slowly winding down

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The memorial site to Deputy Darren Goforth is winding down, but slowly. Volunteers say the place where he was gunned down in an ambush last Friday night, will remain what they call 'the public's place to grieve' for a few more days, possibly for another week.

For the past week, it became a kind of hallowed ground where people paid their respects to a man, killed by a man who ambushed him, for no other apparent reason than that Goforth was in uniform while he fueled his patrol car.

Volunteers are planning on a permanent memorial near the gas station. They hope there will be a bench and a small garden.

"A place where people can reflect on something that should never have happened," one person said.

Photos from memorial and funeral

Volunteers began to dismantle some tents, beneath which donations were collected. As of late Saturday afternoon, $214,000 had been received, all of which will be given to the Goforth family.

"It's time," said volunteer Margaret Foster. "His family needs to be able to see the news without this."

A locked donation box may be left at the Chevron station, so money can continue to be accepted.

"There are still ways people can give," Foster said. "There's the Sheriff's Office Benevolent Fund and the 100 Club."

Its director, Rick Hartley, said the group has seen more donations coming in, as well. The 100 Club gave an initial check this week to the Goforth family, with more to come. It's typical for the funds collected by the non-profit group to pay off mortgages and car notes, so the family is not dealing with bills in its grief.

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Harris County Deputy Brandon Herlong set up a Gofundme page for the Goforth family the morning after the murder. In a week, nearly $380,000 has been generated. Money has come in from across the area, state and nation.

"The response for me has been like after 9-11, when everyone came together," said Deputy Herlong.

In addition, T-shirts are being sold online, with a graphic of a deputy's badge with a mourning ribbon across it. Ink Dots Resolution in Cypress continues to make signs with the message "Love Each Other," operating around the clock. The signs are free, but a donation to the family is requested. Blue ribbons continue to be sold, and Addi Printing in Pearland is printing stickers with the slogan, "United We Goforth."

Donations in exchange for the decals will be given to the deputy's family.

Here is a photo that was released by the family of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth.

Click or tap here if you'd like to donate to the 100 Club, which funds the family of fallen police officers and firefighters. and you can donate to the family at this GoFundMe link. null
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