Major developments expected in murder trial of Chris Kyle's killer

STEPHENVILLE, TX (KTRK) -- There are new developments are expected this week in the murder trial of Chris Kyle's killer.

The prosecution has one more rebuttal witness and then closing arguments will begin. After a week and a half of sometimes graphic and disturbing testimony, this case finally will go to the jury.

Eddie Ray Routh believed people around him were half pig, half-man. According to testimony from a defense psychiatrist, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield among the bizarre pig assassins supposedly hell bent on killing him. That's among the claims Routh's attorneys are trying to get a jury to believe in an attempt to convince them Routh was insane when he murdered the two men.

State witnesses however conclude Routh's behavior was caused instead by drugs and alcohol. He used both the morning of the murders. Prosecutors don't deny that Routh was troubled, but they insist he knew right from wrong at the time of attack. Proof of that they say, his attempt to get away in Kyle's truck and several confessions Routh made to both family and investigators.

Jurors here were not barred from watching the Oscars, despite "American Sniper," the movie based on Chris Kyle's life, being nominated for six awards. During jury selection the judge said it didn't matter if they'd seen the movie as long as they could be fair.
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