Horses rescued from Conroe farm already improving, but more medical attention needed

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- So far, to take care of all the horses rescued from the Conroe ranch, it has cost $200,000. People donated $100,000 to the Houston SPCA after seeing them on TV. But, it will take much more time to nurse the horses back to health.

There are many horses we cannot show you on TV because their injuries are too gruesome to share.

When we visited the SPCA Friday, we saw one horse attached to an IV. It was dramatically underweight by more than 100 pounds. But, believe it or not, volunteers says it has gained weight since last week.

The owners of the Conroe farm were arrested and charged with animal cruelty. A judge awarded custody to the SPCA.

To care for the 200 rescued horses, the SPCA is depending on donations. There is food, maintenance and medical supplies every single day.

Brian Latham from the Houston SPCA said, "That cost continues to exist and it grows every day. We are working with these animals through the appeals process. After that we will work with some of our partners on adoption and maybe start sending these horses out to adoption partners nationwide."

They've set up "Caring for the Conroe 200." You can go to the SPCA's website and donate to the Cinderella Fund to help them buy food and provide veterinary care for these horses.
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