Local immigrants fear effects of Trump order

At her favorite neighborhood restaurant, owned by a fellow Syrian native, Bessan Alrshidat sits and worries.

"I'm female, I'm Muslim, I'm new immigrant, I have so many things to be scared about, to be worried about," she said.

Alrshidat moved to the United States to escape the Syrian civil war several years ago. Now she is a permanent resident with a green card. However with the new Executive Order by President Donald Trump, Alrshidat is she won't be able to see her family.

"For the next five years, I cannot see my mom and I cannot see my dad, my mom is in Syria and my dad is in Saudi Arabia.

Immigration lawyers have advised immigrants from the seven countries named in the Executive Order not to travel. Even if technically they are allowed to re-enter the US on green cards, the risk, they worry, is too great.

Alrshidat's story isn't unique. The Alliance for Multiculture Affairs is an agency that places refugees across Houston. Two families were supposed to arrive from Iraq on Tuesday. But their flights have been canceled.

"One of the families had family here, so they're very distressed because a whole community was ready to welcome them and integrate them as new Houstonians," said Daniel Stoecker, the agency's CEO.

And then there is restaurant owner Souleiman Aljarah, also a Syrian native. He's leaving in two weeks to pick up his mother from the Middle East, hoping he'll be able to return.

"I am worried, they would not let her in, I'm worried they would not let me in," said the American Citizen."

As for Alrshidat, she will just wait and hope. "I'm going to stay here, I'm a green card holder, I will pay my taxes, follow the law, and we will see who is going to win."
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