Local homeowners deal with broken pipes

CYPRESS (KTRK) -- The hard freeze in the area overnight left many people waking up to burst pipes and frozen sprinklers.

Chris Powell, with Chris Powell Plumbing, said he worked overtime answering calls for help.

"If it gets below about 28, I mean, we just get a lot of calls because people don't insulate the pipes very well, and they just think it's not going to happen to (them)," he said.

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Among the most important things to do are turn off automatic or timed sprinklers, and insulate pipes.

"Getting insulation after the fact does not help. You've got to do it before," Powell said.

If you have exposed pipes outdoors, home improvement stores sell specialized insulation.

But in a pinch, Powell said blankets and towels can help prevent freezing.

He said if your system has a hose bib, it's also vital to drain it before the freezing temperatures arrive.
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