Local couple believed to have died from heat-related injuries

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Family and friends believe a Harris Co. couple died from heat-related injuries. (KTRK)

Cynthia and Jerome Clark's family says they are still waiting for final results from the Harris County Medical Examiner, but they believe the couple died from heat-related injuries. Their son Darryl Embrey, who flew in from California, said they were always willing to help others.

The two met on a semi-pro bowling tour in Ohio and got married ten years ago. He says they were inseparable. "We called them the Bobbsey twins -- they dressed alike. Mom would wear men's clothes and dress like dad," said Embrey.

Earlier this week, the air conditioner in their northside mobile home broke, although family and friends didn't know at the time. Daughter-in-law Aisha Embrey said, "It's humid, really hot. You can't be in there more than two minutes."

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When church members went to check on them, they were both unresponsive on the floor. Aisha Embrey said, "I should have known for her not to call me back twice after calling her that we probably should have done a health check with police. Use the resources allotted to you."

Pastor E.A. Deckard says a church member was one of the first to find them. "We're standing out here just for a minute and sweating, so I can imagine being inside a trailer with no air for the last three days. It would be like a kid in a car," said Pastor Deckard.

He adds their deaths should be a reminder to everyone. "If you have seniors in your family, church, mosque, check on them especially during times like this," said Deckard.

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Darryl Embrey said it's hard to balance watching over loved ones while respecting their desire for independence. He said, "If we hadn't allowed that to happen and been more aggressive calling neighbors and police, fire department constantly anytime anything arises, quite honestly we think they would be here right now. That's a regret we have right now. We don't want anyone to have to go through."

And while it's difficult to lose both of them at once, they can't imagine one without the other. "They were so inseparable and I think God makes no mistakes. Honestly I couldn't see it any other way if one was to go without the other the other probably would have gone from heartbreak," said Aisha Embrey.
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