Lobster?! Uber releases lost and found list

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Planning on taking an Uber this weekend? You'll want to make sure you don't forget something inside!

Uber created a list for their forgetful riders. According to the Uber Lost & Found Index, here are the 10 most commonly forgotten items in Uber.

1. Phone
2. Ring
3. Keys
4. Wallet
5. Glasses
6. Purse
7. License/ID
8. Gloves/Glove
9. Charger
10. Sunglasses

Uber also released a list of the strangest items found, which include a lobster, Harry Potter glasses and an elf cut-out.

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If you ever forget something after you get out of an Uber, it's easy to get it back.

Simply tap "Menu" then tap "Help."

Under your last trip, tap on "Report issue with this trip" and tap "I lost an item."

After that, Uber will be able to connect you directly to the driver.

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