League City homeowner reeling after vandals trash her home

LEAGUE CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Vandals appear to have known Ange Merten wasn't at home when they broke in and trashed her house recently.

Few areas of Ange Merten's two-story home in League City are untouched by vandals.

Merten, who works as a flight attendant, tells Eyewitness News she returned home from a work trip to find her home trashed.

"The doors were all spray-painted," she said. "And so, then of course, you get hypersensitive, the hair stands up on your neck, and I'm thinking, is someone here? And I turn around and there's water dripping from the ceiling."

Furniture and art are covered in spray paint, cigarette ashes float in her bathtub. Her clothes are dumped on her closet floor and soaked in urine.

Merten said, "The bed was messed up. I'd like to not think what went on there, but that immediately felt defiled."

League City police detectives think this looks to be the work of teenagers who probably knew Merten was out of town.

Some jewelry is missing, but then again, it could be in the house somewhere.

Merten said, "They put a beer bottle in the sink and left the water running, and so all of that was flooded, the closet, the bathroom, and all of the stuff they poured on the floor."

Merten has fans running throughout the home to dry off the floors and insurance adjusters are scheduled to come by to document the damage.

Merten is staying in a hotel for now, "which kind of feels normal to me because of where I work," she said.

Her real home, however, still feels far from normal.

Merten's church has set up a GoFundMe page to help.

If you have any information in this case, contact the League City police. null
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