Landmark post office closing in Grangerland

GRANGERLAND, TX (KTRK) -- December 31 is D-Day for the Grangerland Post Office.

The woman who has owned and operated the place for years has to take care of sick relatives and can't work here anymore.

The U.S. Postal Service is taking the opportunity to cut bait with this small town office.

Resident Irene Pawlowski, said, "That's a real disappointment because since we've been here, we've really enjoyed the luxury of coming out here instead of having to go all the way out on the freeway."

Don Granger -- as in Grangerland -- doesn't want to see that happen.

The 89-year-old and his family built the post office back in the '60s.

Granger said, "They say, 'Well, we don't need one, we don't have the people,' 'Well, yes, we do. In a five-mile radius, some people estimate we have about 5,000 people."

Granger would like to see the postal service find someone to replace the woman who works there now. But if they won't do that, he's got another idea. He'll run it himself.

Granger said, "I'm gonna see what I can do about it, to help it establish and keep it here in the community."

Granger could apply for a contract with the postal service. He would buy his own boxes, and would not have to stick to standard U.S. Postal Service prices.

Granger said, "I'd hire somebody to put up the mail, maybe not do as much as they used to do."

Granger is devoted to his community. Keeping this post office is a priority.

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