Katy-area teen with medical needs missing

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Investigators are looking for a 15-year-old girl, who ran away from her Katy-area home Monday night and has not been seen since.

Kristin and Jay Daniel want their daughter Kassy to come home.

"She's about 5'2, she's got long brown curly hair," Kristin said.

Kassy is 15 years old and was adopted when she was 3.

"She came to us with early childhood trauma involving neglect, abandonment and abuse and that has impacted her brain development and how she handles things emotionally and socially and intellectually," Kristin said.

Monday night, Kassy walked down the neighborhood street with only her phone.

"She was like, 'leave me alone,' and I said,' no, I'm gonna come with you,' and at that point, she took off, and I wasn't fast enough to keep up with her," Kristin said.

Since then, Detective Kizer with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office and other investigators have been working double shifts trying to find Kassy.

"She has been known to get in a vehicle with a stranger to get some coffee," Det. Kizer said, "To her it's an innocent thing, to someone else it's more nefarious. That's also our concern because she doesn't have a fear of strangers."

Her phone has not been turned on or charged since Tuesday, according to Kizer.

Kristin and Jay have the following message for Kassy - "Forever and ever no matter what. Please reach out to dad and I or to any of your friends and let us know that you're safe, or if you need us to come get you, we'll come wherever we need to go," Kristin said.

Her father Jay wanted to remind her she is not in trouble.

"Charge your phone, look at all the texts, phone calls that have been sent to you," Jay said, "And even if you don't want to talk to mom or I, call somebody who has called you so that we know you're safe. That's the main thing, the only thing right now."

If you have any information on Kassy Daniel's wherabouts, contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office or simply dial 911.

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