Judge issues restraining order, stopping SE Houston store from selling synthetic marijuana

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's a big win for Harris County. A judge granted the county a restraining order to stop a local store from selling synthetic marijuana. This comes on the heels of an undercover investigation by HPD narcotics officers.

'Synthetic marijuana' is more of a general name to describe these substances that aren't pot at all. You can find this stuff at many convenient stores, even right here in Houston.

It's often sold as incense and sometimes labeled 'not for human consumption.' But people are consuming it and the Harris County Attorney's Office, along with law-enforcement across the nation, say these substances are dangerous and they're going after stores that sell it.

The county attorney's office has recently obtained a restraining order to prevent the store located at 2709 Broadway from selling the product Kush.

They have other names, like Diablo, Climax and Geeked up. The last name is a fairly accurate description, investigators say, for what they can do to you.

This so-called fake pot is actually a number of intoxicating chemicals that are sprayed onto herbal plant materials which is then packaged and sold with labels police say are marketing to kids.

Studies have shown that in many cases, these chemicals mimic the effects of not just marijuana, but methamphetamine and other hallucinogenic drugs.

"The evidence from the store shows that there was a hole in the store where they kept the Kush and the investigations showed that these owners know it's illegal," said Assistant CountY Attorney Celena Vinson. "This product is not out with the rest of the products in this store. It's hidden in a hole in the store.

The County attorney insists that this is not a criminal pursuit, but in fact a civil one. A win for them, they say, is preventing the store on Broadway and many others like it from selling these synthetic products ever again.
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