Ohio judge holds himself in contempt after cell phone rings

HILLSBORO, OH (KTRK) -- Ohio Judge Rocky Coss is known for having very strict guidelines for those who attend his courtroom. You must dress nice, be on your best behavior and make sure your cellphone is turned off.

When a cellphone went off earlier this week blasting bagpipers playing "Scotland the Brave," everyone in the court knew someone was in trouble.

That person? The judge himself.

"He started beating himself like he was looking for a bug," the bailiff told ABC affiliate WCPO-TV after watching the judge try to find the phone and turn off the ringtone.

Normally, if it was someone else in court with the ringing cellphone, Judge Coss would find them in contempt and fine them $25. This day was no different.

The judge apologized and fined himself the $25 he charges everyone else.

"I don't see how I can hold someone else in contempt and fine them for disrupting the proceedings when I do the same thing and not fine myself," Judge Coss told WCPO-TV.

Judge Coss says this is the first time in seven years he's ever had his cellphone in the courtroom. He says he was expecting a call from his wife and simply forgot it was still in his pocket. null
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